Celebs we love that love to vape

Thursday 22nd October 2020

Why are our favourite celebs vaping?

Throughout our Stoptober month, we’re dedicated to helping our smoker friends, because let’s face it, quitting smoking ain’t as easy as it sounds, and they could all do with a helping hand from those who have made the switch successfully, to a smoke-free lifestyle!

Nowadays it can be hard to escape from pop culture, whether we hear it on the radio or scroll past it on social media, it influences so many of us each day. In this blog post we look at some celebs who vape, and some of the reasons they’ve quit smoking and committed to a more healthy, responsible life of vaping


What makes celebs smoke anyway?

Living the high life of endless jet-setting and flashing lights sounds totally alien for most of us, but it’s no secret that a reputation that’s larger than life can come with some high-stress levels, leaving many celebs in need of a de-stress every now and again – we’re not talking fidget spinners here, but good old nicotine!


From the likes of Katherine Heigl and Adele to Richard Hammond, many of our much-loved celebs have turned to a vape to ease their nicotine cravings in a more responsible way than to just spark up a cigarette – and for good reason.

Why are celebs vaping?

While their reasons are individual to themselves, there’s a few drawbacks from smoking ciggies that we can all agree – do not suit the celeb lifestyle, and may even be holding down your own!


  • Reputation – while smoking was somewhat glorified for decades in the earlier years, it’s no longer something fashionable like it once was, and as times evolve, it’s much more admirable to care about your health nowadays. Plus with the isolation smokers get when having to leave the building, feeding their habit with something so unhealthy, it looks more like a personal weakness rather than something to be glorified!

    • Note: vaping indoors is accepted by so many, as long as you’re not making ridiculous sized clouds, meaning there’s much less chance you’ll get banished to the garden. Plus you’re going to be less of a hypocrite after the gym if you vape instead of smoke!

  • Health – it’s sad to see that amount of earlier celebs that died young due to smoking related illnesses, especially music performers who could only get their vibe in a thick smoky recording studio. We as a generation are more clued up on the health risks involved with smoking, and love to see talented celebs choosing to vape rather than smoke – extending their legacy as long as can be, especially if they are a singer or voice artist who should be concerned about voice changing or getting a cough – smokers have reduced immune systems too and should be looked after.
    • Note: nowadays vaping is not only considered to be 95% safer, but is actually prescribed to those who are trying to stop smoking by the NHS to aid quitting for good! Vaping is recognised as a much less harmful alternative, the UK health system pretty much advocates it – especially when you compare it to the vape scaremongering that occurs in the US.

  • Role Models – celeb culture inspires many of us, and for many children and young people celebrities have the power to influence their goals, perceptions and decisions. It’s no secret that people are more likely to buy your product if it’s in the hands of their role model – which is why we’re so happy to see less celebs smoking, and more turning to vapes. That’s not to say we’re glad they indirectly promote vaping to minors, but it must be 95% less harmful than promoting ciggies right?

    • Note: it’s not just celebs that influence young people, any average joe can be a role model in the right setting. So make sure you’re aware who’s around to see your smoking habit, you may be influencing an impressionable child, or worse, influencing their health with 2nd hand smoke!

  • Appearances – not all celebs have to be beautiful, that’s a fact, but it usually helps their brand and management if they look like models through a lens (even if they end up getting airbrushed to heaven and back). But just think how many beauty nightmares are caused by smoking! Tar-stained teeth that go brown and rotten eventually, stained eyes, stained fingertips, ageing skin with a dull complexion! Doesn’t sound like your go-to influencer does it?

    • Note: Celebs are blessed with access to the latest beauty secrets, and have the funds to fix wrinkles and replace their teeth with fake ones – a privilege that most smokers don’t have. So while it seems smoking doesn’t fit well into the beauty regime of a celeb, they more than likely have the money to make up for the abuse!

  • Lifestyle – We usually see celebs as people who are in control of their life, but when you’re a smoker, this flips and the cig takes control of you. Celebs can be very busy people at times, and have to maintain a balanced mind while adhering to a tight schedule. You wouldn’t find them nipping out the back of the studio before an interview, only to turn up late, sinking of smoke, with ash flaked on their 3 piece.

    • Note: you don’t have to be a busy bee to be held back by smoking! Think of the extra fitness benefits you’d already be benefiting from if you’d never started smoking. Switching to a vape will help you gain more control of your time and your mood, and never again will you smell like an ashtray! 


Now we know some of the reasons they hate smoking, let’s look at who they are and what they’re working with!


Tom Hardy Vaping

Tom Hardy was seen smoking some organic ciggies in Peaky Blinders, but in real life he’s a vaper at heart, and we must say, he knows a thing of two about his Mods! Scouring the internet we’ve seen him clutching the likes of the YiHi SX mini (a little out of the everyday vaper’s budget), along with the very popular Aspire Nautilus – known to impress even those with larger budgets! Nautilus offer a great collection of high quality devices, like the Nautilus GT kit for £59.99, or if you’re interested in just the tank, the XS tank is a miniature beast with sub-ohm capabilities for just £26.99.


Drake and Adele Vaping

The Canadian rapper back in 2019 rented out an entire bowling alley and vape lounge, only to be joined by Adele and his entourage, enjoying the much overpriced Juul pods which they’d packed with mango and peach flavoured juice! We can’t knock american powerhouse Juul much, (other than that time they marketed to kids in the US without stating there’s nicotine), but we know the importance of convenience when it comes to transitioning from smoking to vaping, and will always advocate a pod device with nic salts. Simple, discrete and the use of nic salts provides a rush more close to a cigarette, perfect for those needing something reliable and low maintenance. Find a cheaper Juul alternative with the Uwell Caliburn, which comes with refillable 2ml pods, or the Voom pod for just £5.99, with their pre-filled replacement pods that come in a range of tasty flavours!


Katy Perry Vaping

The Californian pop success was seen a few years ago vaping with an Ego Twist by Joyetech – a handy clearomizer/pen known for its creative variable voltage system that is controlled by twisting the knob on the base of the pen. Cool feature, we admit, but not essential. If you’re looking for something similar style, you can find the Innokin Endura T18II Kit, which includes 3 variable wattage settings and produces great flavour, and 4 adjustable airflow settings. This is a nice and discreet vape device – perfect for someone like Katy Perry who appeals to much younger music fans and doesn’t want to advertise her love for nicotine to her fans.


What does the future hold?

As you can see, there are many reasons why a celeb might smoke, and then switch to a vape. If it’s not for health reasons, the fact that they are in the public eye and may have a reputation to defend means they probably need to consider who will be influenced by their decision to smoke/vape.  In the end, those who are switching to a vape are doing it for a good reason, and we hope in the future that the public perception of vaping moves further and further away from being associated with cigarettes. We hope that more organisations worldwide recognise vaping as a healthier alternative and as an aid to quitting, just like the NHS does – but until then, we can count on our influential celebs to help spread the word!


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