Five Vape Tricks for Beginners

Friday 24th July, 2020

Vaping has never been more popular. For one, it’s a healthier alternative to smoking and two; the vape tricks are fantastic! Whether you’re new or experienced, there are plenty of tricks to challenge yourself with, and we’ve compiled a list of the easiest ones to get you started.

Before you get into the cool stuff, you need to know the basics.


What is MTL and DTL vaping?

MTL is short for mouth-to-lung. This is the closest vaping style to smoking regular cigarettes. As the name describes, you inhale into your mouth, hold it and then breath it into your lungs with a bit of air and blow out. For many, this feels the most natural and is common amongst smokers and non-smokers. The main difference it has from smoking a cigarette is that the recommended inhale is longer, smooth and steady, whereas smoking is usually short and sharp


DTL is short for direct-to-lung. Imagine if you were diving and you had to breathe through a mouthpiece for oxygen, it’s essentially the same process. When inhaling, you bypass your mouth and allow the vapour to go straight to your lungs. As soon as it hits your lungs, you exhale as if you were just breathing. Your first DTL hit will most likely come as a shock and can hurt a little bit, especially if you’re a smoker. With practice, this will ease as your lungs become accustomed.


What are the best vapes for tricks?

When it comes to vape tricks, the bigger the cloud, the better to really be able to control how it will look. For simple tricks such as Blowing O’s and the Ghost Inhale, you can usually get away with an e-cig pen and even a pod system. However, for the best results for all tricks, you’ll need to get yourself a box mod with a sub-ohm tank


With so many devices available, it can be hard to choose. We’d recommend doing your research to determine which would be the best fit for you as everyone is different. Check out our range of mods, including the very popular VOOPOO and SMOK brands.

Five popular tricks that everyone can try


Blowing O’s (Beginners)

You’ve seen it in movies, on the TV and pretty much everywhere else… now it’s your turn to give it a go. Be prepared for some funny facial expressions; it’s worth it! 

  1. Take a long MTL drag from your favourite vape device. Exhale a slight amount to get a thick amount of vapour. 
  2. This next bit can be a little tricky. First of all, perfect your ‘O face’. You’ll need to make sure your tongue is flat, and your lips are in an O shape that’s not too big or too small, so you’ve got the right amount of control over your O’s. 
  3. Next, exhale the vapour in a pulsating motion from the back of your throat, as if you’re doing mini coughs. Try not to force a cough else you may be in for a shock! 

Try this a few times and feel the difference as you change your ‘O face’ and how you push the vapour out. For a fun visual tutorial, check out VapeChilla:

The Ghost Inhale (Beginners)

The Ghost Inhale is a super cool vape trick that’s great for beginners and is considered one of the easiest tricks to learn. However, you will need a little bit of patience and practise to master it, so don’t feel down-hearted if it doesn’t work the first time. You can learn this trick in a few simple steps:


  1. Take a long drag from your device and hold it in your mouth for a few seconds. Do not inhale the vapour.
  2. Then slowly release it from your mouth in a ball shape. Try this process a few times to make sure you master the ball (ghost) effect. 
  3. Once it’s formed into a ball, quickly suck it back in. The aim is to release the vapour ever so slightly and then inhale it back in so that it looks like a little ghost has popped out!


Another way is to release the vapour in a ball and then move your mouth back over it to suck it in. For a visual example, check out this tutorial:

The Dragon (Beginners)

This is another straightforward trick to learn with super cool results, leaving you looking like a fire-breathing dragon. You will need a vape pen or mod that produces a lot of vapour for this one!


  1. Take a long drag without inhaling. Hold as much vapour as you can in your mouth. 
  2. Close your mouth, so only the middle of your lips is closed, leaving either side open. The motion is like pressing your lips together and then trying to smile. Take time to practice shape for this part as it’ll determine how well your dragon vape trick will work. 
  3. Finally, now is the time to exhale through your mouth and nose at the same time. Try not to exhale to powerfully but also not to weakly to master the right effect. 


Now you’ve got dragon breath! (pewww) 


Check out this awesome tutorial to see the trick in action:

The French Inhale (Intermediate)

You’ve started to get the hang of some of the basics, now let’s kick it up a notch with the French Inhale. It’s very similar to the Ghost Inhale. You will need to concentrate on your breathing and timing as you simultaneously breath out of your mouth and inhale through your nose. 


  1. Take a long drag for your vape device and try not to inhale it back into the lungs. 
  2. Next, slowly release the vapour from your mouth, so a thick cloud of vapour starts to pour out. 
  3. As the vapour releases, inhale through your nose, and there you have your French Inhale. 


An extra tip that may work for you is to stick your jaw out as you inhale through your nose. See it an action with:

The Bull Ring (Intermediate)

Using everything you’ve learned in the last four tutorials, now it’s time to do something really cool. The Bull Ring. This is the trickiest trick out of our current selection, but it’s achieved by combing Blowing O’s and the French Inhale, which you can now do! 


  1. Take a long MTL drag from your device and blow a medium-sized O ring. 
  2. Lean in and inhale the top of the O ring so that you get the effect of a bull ring in your nose. 


This will take a bit of practice to perfect so make sure you’ve conquered Blowing O’s and the French Inhale as this will help. Check out how it’s supposed to look here:

To wrap it up

There are so many awesome vape tricks to master in the world, and before you know it, you’ll be levelling up your skills with more advanced versions of the above tricks. Like anything, they take practise so don’t get disheartened if it takes a while to get the hang of it. What some may find easy others will find difficult, so follow what works best for you. 


Are you looking to become a master of vape tricks? Make sure you’ve got the right tools for the job. Check out our range of mods and kits, as well as the tasty e-liquids we have available for those extra big clouds.


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