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Thursday 8th October 2020

How the UK menthol cigarette ban inspired our Stoptober 2020 Sale!

Earlier this year we made a guest blog post called Menthol Ban Needs New Plan about our thoughts on the menthol cigarette ban in the UK, and everything that’s wrong with it! This inspired us to create a campaign to help those who have been negatively affected!

But first! We’re glad to reveal our 10% off EVERYTHING sale throughout October in aid of bringing back #Stoptober in 2020 – a past NHS campaign that helped so many smokers kick the habit with the help of their personal support and tools, including handy apps available in the Google Play Store and on Apple!

We have two deals going on this October:


10% off when you use code: STOPTOBER10


10% off 10ml e-liquids when you…

  1. Buy a starter kit
  2. Receive your key tag for 10% off any 10ml e-liquids 
  3. Return tag at the end of October for a free 10ml e-liquid!

Why have we chosen to focus on menthol ban? Let’s take it step by step

Why was the menthol ban even enforced?

The menthol ban was initiated by the UK government as a way to put an end to the common trend of younger smokers having eased into the habit with the aid of menthol filter tips that soften the harshness of the cigarette – allowing them to adopt the habit at a much easier rate. This is because menthol works by numbing the throat slightly, providing a fresher hit without the strong nicotine taste.

… ok so this part we agree with, but let’s continue.

What’s wrong with the UK menthol ban?

Well in simple terms, it wasn’t really a ban considering that almost within the same month the government allowed distribution and sale of dual-menthol filters. Not just that but other creative hybrids and alternatives, including standard cigarettes with gaps for you to insert a menthol filter.

Who are the victims of the UK menthol ban?

Strange question to raise, we know, as the ban was supposed to be a positive initiative – but sadly, the lack of a true follow up has left UK menthol smokers in almost the same position they were before:


  • Young people who still want to smoke menthol have not been stopped from buying it, they’ve just been given a new version.
  • Some people who have transitioned from smoking menthol to just traditional cigarettes, as they can’t get their normal ones.
  • Smokers of rolling tobacco being forced to transition to ‘straight’ cigarettes (which are more expensive and have more harmful chemicals).
  • Those who had planned to quit smoking, in the hope they won’t be tempted following the removal of their menthol products – out of sight, out of mind… until they were offered a close replica shortly after.

How does the menthol ban fit in with Stoptober in 2020? 

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to reach victims of the menthol ban, to tell them it’s the right time to quit smoking, and to encourage them to use a less harmful method of consuming nicotine, vaping – as The NHS can confirm

Not just that, but quitting with a menthol vape could be the way forward for many smokers – especially those who aren’t getting on well with the menthol ban.

What makes it hard to transition to vaping?

In the past we’ve made some posts on this topic, such as the top starter kits to help quit smoking, but we believe there are three main reasons why it’s so difficult for smokers to make the switch and quit for good, but right now we aim to give you some other solutions to overcome the key challenges.





For many smokers, there is a huge convenience of just buying a packet and a lighter and they’re ready to go. Plus, vaping can require some time to understand the variety of components that affect your experience.

Pod Devices. By switching to a Pod system rather than a full-on kit, you’re limiting the amount of vape components. A Pod System therefore limits the amount of things that can go wrong, meaning less to learn prior, and less to maintain.


For many switching to e-liquids to get their nic-fix, it’s little known to them that standard e-liquids release low amounts of nicotine and spread over a longer period - meaning they don’t get a nicotine rush in the same way they do smoking, and struggle to eliminate the craving.

Nic Salts. This looks just like your normal vape juice, but is absorbed by your body much faster, and at higher strengths - at almost the exact rate a cigarette would. Meaning you're more likely to satisfy your craving in a few puffs, but with a less harsh taste.


While many smokers are used to the intense, nostalgic flavours of tobacco, this can be hard to replicate without getting the harsh peppery taste of nicotine.

Menthol. While there are many e liquid flavours to choose from, you’ll struggle to find one that masks the taste of nicotine as well as menthol, which will allow you to choose a higher strength juice but maintain the desired taste.

The perfect set up for the quitter

Following on from the table, we can conclude that one of the best chances you have at transitioning from a cig to a vape is by choosing a pod system with nic salts instead of standard vape juice, or at least a menthol flavoured juice to mark the taste of a strong nicotine strength.

Here’s a few of our products for you to consider:

Pod Systems / Hybrids – The Voom Pod, VooPoo Drag S, Caliburn, Aspire Tigon Aio, Artery Lt Pod

Nic Salts – Vampire Vape, Keep It Nic Salts, Impact Salts 

Menthol – A-Steam Triple Menthol, Impact Frost bite,Mug Shot Spearmint, Voom Refillable Cartridges

Stoptober 2020 with Vape Sales UK

The campaign stands to raise awareness of the failing menthol ban, as well as the support available to quit smoking. Throughout the month we’ll be sharing content aimed to educate more people on the risks of smoking, as well as the reduced risks following the switch to vaping. During this time we’ll also be pushing our STOPTOBER SALE, and trying to help smokers find better ways to quit!

So as part of our Stoptober campaign, we’re encouraging you to take part:

  • If you smoke fullstop
  • If you smoke menthol cigarette alternatives (dual-click, hybrids etc)
  • If you are an ex-menthol smoker, now shifted to original because of the ban
  • If you’re trying to transition to vaping from smoking

Maybe you’re fine yourself, but you can still help spread to word by sharing our STOPTOBER campaign:

  • If you know anyone trying to get to grips with vaping
  • If you know anyone who tried to quit smoking but failed
  • If you know anyone affected by the menthol ban
  • If you know anyone who says vaping does nothing for them

Stoptober 2020 Sale

For those wishing to take advantage of our Stoptober sale, you’ll be glad if you like to vape menthol because we’re giving 15% off ALL our menthol flavoured e liquids, shortfills and flavour concentrates!

Of course, ANYONE who wants to take part is welcome to take part – if you buy menthol or if you don’t, but why not share this blog with a friend or loved one to help them make the switch for good, or tag them in our next STOPTOBER related social media post!


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