Safety advice for new vapers in 2020

Tuesday 3rd March 2020

With the new year well underway, the vaping boat is still feeling rocked following many fearful headlines and e-cig bans in 2019. 2020 may see further changes in regulations affecting us in the U.K. and even worldwide. 

As the battle continues, many health officials will still advocate vaping over cigarettes and as of Jan 2020, the UK government has set new goals for a smoke-free nation – aiming to reduce smoking among adults from 12.5% to 15% by 2022. 

With the popularity of vaping still on the rise, many of the UK population (including smokers) are apprehensive to buy a starter kit and are concerned about whether they know how to vape safely.

We’ve been helping the UK market since 2015 with a passion to help others give up smoking. We’re here to educate and reassure you on the healthiest ways to start vaping, how to use an e-cig device safely, and advice about our product offering. There will always be scare tactics used in the media, but this blog post sets you on the right foot to vape safely in 2020. 



Set up and Device care

There’s a lot to take in when choosing the desired settings for your vape. We’ll start by assuming you’re a beginner and provide rules of thumb for common e-cig setups. 

Many opt for the popular sub-ohm setup, as this is said to provide more flavour and larger vapour clouds. It’s a popular choice among smokers as the hit can be felt as similar to that from a cigarette. 

The set up requires a little more understanding, so it’s important to learn the ins and outs especially if you intend to modify your device or build your own. With sub-ohms vaping, the coil is designed to operate at high wattage levels and uses a lot of battery power. You should always respect the strength of the battery to avoid “Thermal Runaway”. This is something that occurs when the device is used beyond its capabilities and often results in flames and very hot gasses. 


Avoid this by: 

1) Not overheating the device. This can be done by taking measures to stop the risk of a short circuit. For sub-ohm newbie’s this is a huge concern. Choose devices that feature short circuit protection, this often displays an error message that disallows you from using the vape at a setting that’s likely to cause overheating.


2) That said, another common reason for the short circuit is when the battery is damaged or the wrapper is neglected. This causes even just the smallest part of it to come in contact with other surrounding metal, sharply forcing the current down the wrong / reverse path. Always avoid leaving it too late to replace any type of vape accessory.


3) Not having too high of current. With this, you need to have control over the amperage load. The best way to avoid confusion with this is by ensuring you have a power regulated device, that tells you the amperage that the coil will pull from the battery. If not, you’ll want to convert the level of amps to watts in your head (not the easiest). If not then look for the safe vape battery chart in your product documents, or use a calculator such as this one to help choose a safe coil resistance.


Cleaning your device

To ensure you get the best performance out of your vape and e-liquid, it’s always a good idea to keep it clean of any residue, coil gunk, dust, and old juice – plus an underperforming vape is not totally safe, especially considering it’s often carried around on your person and consumed orally. To keep it fresh in safe, working condition, you need to take apart the three main components: the mod, tank, and coil then care for each part separately. 

First, remove the mod. It’s safest not to wash your mod as this houses the battery and is at risk of throwing off electric currents down the wrong path. If you do notice some residue or crystalized juice around where the tank sits, scrub it off with an old rag or toothbrush. Avoid using tissue though as this may leave small fibres on the connecting components. 

Secondly, remove the coil. Assuming the vape is in a bad state and has not been maintained, you’ll probably need to replace the entire coil. It’s best to change the coil regardless when it becomes burned, you’ll be able to tell by the burned taste.

Finally, clean your tank by soaking it in warm soapy water. This will help remove any old juice and random pocket fluff that may be clinging to your tank, then simply leave it to dry for 10-15 minutes before building your device.


Consumption Advice

DTL vs MTL tanks – While both offer different benefits, no evidence shows there’s a difference between MTL and DTL in terms of the health implications. However, MTL could be considered less of a health risk as you are generally consuming less e-liquid per day, and if this includes nicotine, then less nicotine consumed per day is definitely a safer choice. 


How much e-liquid is safe to vape in a day?

There is a wide range of variables to consider with the volume of e-liquid consumed, but it is said that 3-5ml is the average amount according to polls. 


How much vape juice is dangerous to swallow?

It’s not uncommon to get vape juice in your mouth from the device spitting back at you, and some of us even enjoy the taste, but if you ever wondered how much it would take to harm you, the answers aren’t as worrying as you expected. For vape juice to cause harm through oral consumption, you’d have to drink roughly 30mg of 24mg juice to consume in the region of 700mg of nicotine!


Is it safe to vape while breastfeeding?

Many mothers quit smoking / vaping when they’re expecting a baby, to promote a healthy pregnancy and growth. But a large percentage of them will relapse once the baby is born, during the breastfeeding period. It’s not widely known that actually nicotine can make its way into breast milk, to be then consumed by the baby. While it’s said that the benefits of breastfeeding largely outweigh the harm of smoking for the baby, it’s still not recommended. Remember it’s still a stimulant and can affect things like sleep, but compared to smoking, it’s much less of a risk.


Quality Control

There’s no denying the vape industry has created quite a stir in the past few years, and fear-mongering headlines help keep the curious at bay, especially in 2019. However, the main stigma of vape related deaths was sparked in the USA, where vape regulators have been accused of being too slow to take real precautions. 

One problem they face across the pond is the flavour ban, which sees inexperienced vapers combining their components without knowing the full contents, as well as seeking out black market products. The other problem they face is the use of Vitamin E acetate within their THC e-liquid, which has been linked numerous times to severe respiratory illnesses. You should know, we don’t use Vitamin E acetate in the UK, so users can have confidence in the quality of the products.

To ensure you’re getting only regulated, legal products, only buy from trusted sellers with knowledgeable sales staff. At Vape Sales UK, we’ve got an extensive range of quality products from the industries top brands, and are proud to be one of the best, competitively priced stockists in the UK. Come into your local store to learn more about the possibilities of vaping and gain top safety advice from industry professionals.


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