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This is a good place to find yourself if you’re still new to vaping and need some educating - especially if you’ve never even vaped in your life!

Vape Sales UK is here to provide you with transparent, professional advice on affordable vape starter kits and pod systems, and we’re always prepared to introduce you to our full range of vape hardware and more advanced e-cig products when the time is right.

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Why Should I Switch To A Vape?
» In the UK alone it was reported by ASH UK that 3.6 million people vape - that's 7.1% of the population!

» From the studies carried out by ASH (Action on Smoking and Health), it’s estimated that 31% of those who vape we’re people that used to smoke.

» On top of that, more and more government officials, regulatory bodies, and the NHS recognise e-cigs as a less harmful alternative to tobacco

» At Vape Sales UK we have a mouthwatering range of flavoured e-liquid and flavour enhancing tanks for you to try out when you become more advanced!

» You can eliminate inhaling tar, butane and carbon monoxide from your life by vaping, along with the other thousands of deadly chemicals

» Studies show that cigarette buts are considered one of the most harmful things that pollute our country’s rivers, waterways, and oceans around the world, and are one of the most commonly found units of the litter!

» Just wait until you see how much money can be saved each year by switching from cigs to e-cigs!

I don’t know which device to start with. Where do I begin?
So before you go ahead and browse, we thought it’s best to give you a little breakdown of the products you’ll find on this page and the main differences between them.

After all, many of our customers come to us to quit smoking and turn to an e-cig - however, it’s not an easy transition for everyone, and some will need to research the differences to enjoy their vaping experience and truly maintain their time away from the ciggies.

Vape pens are one of the earliest forms of device that was ever created. Back before they were properly regulated, they were a cheap solution for those wanting to cut down on inhaling actual cigarette smoke.

As time has gone on these devices have improved in quality, and have become more accustomed to providing a convenient and discrete solution, to get the most from the wide range of juices available.

While many of us who want to quit smoking have a burning desire to, if your device is confusing to use or you’re slightly embarrassed to use it, then a Vape Pen is ideal for those wanting a non-bulky device, with easy setup, from the more affordable device range.

While technically all the products on this page could be considered a “starter kit”, when we use the term we’re referring more to the more medium-sized devices you may have seen.

These kits feature a larger tank, a Mod to house the battery and often features buttons to allow the user to adapt the settings accordingly.

When would you change the settings? Well, there are a few reasons you might alter them, but ultimately changing the settings can optimise your device for better performance e.g. bigger clouds, more flavour, more nicotine, less harsh throat hits.

But of course, that’s not what’s written on the buttons. So just for you newbies, we’ve included a section at the bottom of the page that's all about understanding the various settings you could come across!

This is one of the freshest forms of vape devices on the market, and since it’s release has become a go-to for quitters.

Often pocket-sized, a Pod device is one of the simplest e-cigs to operate, whereby you have some Pods requiring you to purchase replacement cartridges instead of filling up from the bottle, and then you have some that are completely disposable after the coil wears out. This can be a much more convenient way to replenish your juice and is easier to forecast the costs of maintaining a device.

Have you failed at making the switch before?
Ending your relationship with cigs isn’t easy, and vape is just a tool to make it easier to part - but always always ALWAYS remember that what works well for your friend doesn’t work the same for me and you, everyone is different. Not everyone enjoys cigs for the same reasons, so why would vape be the same?

You’re so much more likely to stick to your guns and quit for good if you research into what you’re buying, and be prepared to spend on a variety of products before finding your optimum fix!

This describes the inhalation methods used by vapers and is completely self-explanatory.

MTL stands for Mouth-To-Lung and refers to the way smokers inhale from a cigarette, by holding the smoke/vapour in the mouth first before taking it down, similar steps to if you imagine drinking through a straw.

DTL stands for Direct-To-Lung and refers to a vaping method in which you inhale straight from the device without holding it in your mouth - like you are taking a deep breath in through the device. It can be important to know what inhalation method your device is intended for, as this will only improve your vaping experience. Not to mention if you’re using the wrong method, you will most likely cough and struggle to stay away from the ciggies.

It’s best to remember to test these out before you buy if possible, as you may discover DTL is more enjoyable and more likely to help you quit smoking - which could be to do with the temperature or weight of the cloud you exhale, as well as throwing larger clouds than an MTL.

On the flip side, you may prefer discrete smaller clouds from an MTL device, optimising more for flavour. So always test a friend’s device or in-store before buying if possible.

The e-liquid you use will also affect the clouds you produce. Nic Salt vape juice can offer a throat hit that mimics smoking tobacco very closely as put by advocates. This is due to the ability to provide a faster, stronger level of nicotine, without the harsh throat hit you may get with the standard freebase nicotine e-juice.

However, you may prefer the lighter freebase option with slower release nicotine as this may satisfy cravings for longer. Either way, this is another variable that is worth a test if you’re not warming to a vape as easy as you thought you would.

Bear in mind that while there are not many ingredients in your e-liquid, it does come in a few different variations in terms of the ratio of VG and PG, which will also allow you to leverage the flavour that your device provides. Find more detail about this in our E-Liquid Hub.

How much does smoking cigarettes cost?
So if you smoke 10 per day, that's about £5 per day for a packet of 20 cigs. So you’d be spending around £150 per month - and probably even more if you drink regularly.

Check out your monthly spend with the Aqua Vape estimates that we spend around £330 per year on buying a Starter Kit, regular vape juice, and all blows and whistles to maintain it. Which means by switching to vaping your monthly spend works out around £25 - £30. Which means that vaping is over 80% cheaper than smoking packets of cigarettes, and 50% cheaper than smoking rolling tobacco!

This is a yearly saving of around £300 - £1500. Now imagine yourself smoke-free for 12 months with £1500 spare for a holiday!

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