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Founded in 2015 by Ash and Kim, Vape Sales UK has come a long way from its beginnings in their home, to now one of the nations favourite providers of e-cig devices and accessories.

VSUK is built on an honest passion for vaping and wanting to help others give up smoking safely. We now serve customers all over the world and are proud to be a part of the UK vaping industry and making a difference in people's lives! If you’re looking for affordable vaping deals on mods and tanks, plus discounts on a huge range of top branded vape juice then give us a visit.

Browse our website or come into one of our 4 stores for the best UK vape discounts and advice on everything e-cig! Including TPD compliant e-liquids, mods, pods, tanks, coils, batteries and rebuildable products. Be sure to check out our sale and clearance stock for some of the best UK vape deals online!

Discount Vape Juice, Mods & E-Cig Accessories

Enjoy purchasing top branded hardware from vaping advocates with great customer service and care. Dedicated to supplying the most up-to-date and transparent information on product quality, contents, device/e-liquid safety as well as the latest industry knowledge.

We’ve heard it all, from “Should I move up to a sub-ohm setup?” to
“Can you recommend the best cheap box mod?” and even “Why should I replace my coil?” so if you have any grey areas, give us a call and we’ll be happy to advise.

At VSUK there’s nothing our staff love more than teaching customers about our range of offers and products.Whether you want to reduce your smoking habit, or if you just want to taste some dessert flavoured vapour every now and again, we’ll help you find the best product to suit your needs, experience level and most comfortable vaping style!

Vape Jargon Buster

There are many different components of an e-cigarette device, so take a look at our jargon buster below if you get stuck.

Starter kits
Designed with the newbies in mind! These kits include the essential e-cig components, allowing you to embark on your vaping journey the day of purchase. With the ease of use and safety the top priorities - we’ll help you choose a device that you are confident in maintaining, plus teach you how to set it up effectively and safely.

Nic Salts
Nicotine salts are a form of e-liquid that quitters claim can closely mimic the sensation of smoking, allowing for higher levels of nic intake while retaining all the flavour. Salts also enter your bloodstream faster and boasts the perk of using less juice per inhale.

Growing with the popularity of Nic salts, we have the pod device. These, like vape pens, simply provide a much easier way to maintain an e-cig device, and is an all-in-one system with no buttons usually - so you literally can’t go wrong!

With the addition of nicotine, VG and PG are the base of your e-liquid (propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin). These are usually blended in various ratios to satisfy different vaping preferences - for example, with higher PG you’ll find are thinner, and are used more in MTL style vaping, while higher VG will mean a thicker substance that's used more in sub-ohming (more expert style setup).

Two methods of inhaling, MTL (mouth to lung) closer mimics a cigarette drag, whereby you hold the vapour in your mouth before taking it to the lungs, whereas DTL (direct to lung) describes a more linear inhale, straight from the device to the lungs, without holding in your mouth. It’s good to know that the two styles exist because you may be struggling to find your combined preference.

Mods / Box Mod
The handheld part of the device, often with a variety of functions, with its main one being to house the battery. The addition of a second battery gives you what's called a Box Mod, with both options allowing you to use a variety of settings to suit your vaping style, as well as allowing them to be optimised for a wider range of products in the industry.

As a step up from the clearomizer you’ll find in with the starter kit, we offer a range of tanks to extend the performance of your mod and liquid! Most people think the mod makes all the difference but what matters is the tank - not because it holds the juice, but it houses the coil, which highly affects the quality and taste of your clouds.

Atomiser / Coil
Made up of two main parts, the wick and the coil - an atomisers function is to convert energy into heat. The wick soaks up the vape juice, which is then heated by the coil and produces vapour. It’s good to know how this works because now and again you’ll need to replace your atomiser. As the wick is often thin fibrous material (cotton/hemp etc), it can become burned with overuse or from not priming it properly. You need to change this if it tastes burnt, continual use poses the risk of spars and malfunction!

Temperature Control (TC)
This describes a guard function within the vape, whereby you set the temperature so that the voltage and wattage automatically adjust to ensure the settings don’t defy the device's capabilities and cause a malfunction.

Nic shots & Shortfills
Designed to be used with short fill e-liquid. Short fill describes the bottle of 0mg juice that's just less than the full measurement - leaving enough room for you to add a shot of nicotine to suit your tolerance and taste preferences.

High / Low resistance
High resistance = means the coil has less electricity flowing, therefore a cooler temperature and generally less vapour, often you’ll find them on starter kits as they have a tighter draw and can be described as being similar to that of a cigarette.

Low resistance = the coil has more electricity to flow through it. This means that the temperature will be warmer compared to high resistance, you'll also get more clouds and often more flavour.

Watts / Voltage / Ohms
Ultimately these are the components that control how your device performs. Watts represents how much power your vape produces, voltage is how much power is put through the device, and ohms are how you measure the resistance. A lower resistance wire produces more heat due to less surface area, therefore produces more vapour and requires more wattage/volts to power successfully. You won’t totally understand from our explanation, but these values do affect your vapour flavour, cloud size/weight, temperature and throat hit - therefore if you find yourself struggling to enjoy your new device, ensure you understand how these values change the experience!

Sub-ohm tank
Ohm’s are how we measure resistance, so a sub-ohm tank provides and coil resistance that's effectively lower than low. This causes even more power, and therefore larger clouds and results in even more flavour from your e-liquid. But as with most electric powered things - if you stress the device and its battery beyond its capability it will not last long, and will likely be damaged beyond repair, understanding of ohm's-law is vital for using products like these, respect your device and it will respect you.

Also known as rebuildable atomisers, this describes a form of atomizer setup whereby the user buys the wick and coil separately to create a bespoke vaping experience that is customised to their preference, and make things even more affordable. This falls into more sub-categories like RDA (rebuildable drip atomizer) and RTA (rebuildable tank atomizer). Both have their unique benefits, which you should read up on if you’re looking to DIY.

This is a unique form of device that requires a specific type of atomizer to suit the design. A squonk mod physically houses your 10ml bottles of juice, which you then feed to the coil every few puffs, by squeezing it up into the atomizer directly from the bottle. As this is another personalised device with various components, it's always important to understand how each part functions and the quality of your products to ensure maximum safety.

Mesh coil
Can be used with many atomizers, designed to provide a larger surface area coil to heat the wick material. Arguably, mesh coils produce a more intense flavour and are faster to heat up, while don’t have to replace it as often due to a more even, consistent spread of heat. The downside of this is that you’ll get through more juice, which is a standard common with most other methods of cloud-chasing.


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